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At Durban, Agritech suggests impressive perspectives  for rural development in Africa :


Gathered at the « United Nations Climate Change Conference » at Durban in South Africa, country officials, private sector, NGOs and international Organizations met to make key choices regarding environment and global regulations.

Among participants, Agritech Group, a West African based agro-group   made a well-regarded presentation of its activities with a unique angle : including solar energy and biofuel production in local agricultural schemes to build farmers capacities and lower running costs to foster food production.

Boni : we have seen « made in Burkina » biofuel running

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Quote : “Successful bet for biofuel production based on Jatropha in Boni (Tuy province). It has been collected for the first time on Sturday July 30th 2011. It is considered has a high quality biofuel by laboratories and promising in terms of local marketing.”

An African company exploits unique technologies to present its local development project



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Summary : “Agritech has ordered an unique development simulation system to explain the company’s production scheme. Developped by Advocate Hypermedia, this simulation details each production step, reveals videos shot on the field and gives acces to various communication tools (ex. data room for investors, commodity chain chart and regional map).”