Nurseries and Plantations

 Given the escalating prices and volatility of feed stocks suitable for biodiesel, the control of the feedstock is at the core of Agritech’s strategy. Agritech is currently developing Jatropha nurseries and plantations in Burkina Faso and Benin in West Africa.

Agritech’s plantation development model includes the following components:

  • Development of nurseries
  • Training and organization of farmers
  • Plantation development on land owned by Agritech
  • Plantation development on land leased by Agritech for a minimum tenure of 50 years
  • Plantation developed under contract with farmers and cooperatives on a 50 year exclusivity basis
  • Cooperative or collaboration agreements with individual growers or NGOs representing growers for the off-take of their harvests.
  • Selective irrigation and intercropping
  • Constant support to the farmers by Agritech for pest control, pruning, seed collection, and other practices

Agritech’s projects are supported by the Government in both Burkina Faso and Benin. Government contributions typically include the identification of suitable land, communication in rural areas, supply of local expertise, and enforcement of the contracts.