• Our Mission : Empowering Sustainable Development

Agritech’s mission is to power and empower sustainable development in West Africa by marshalling world-class technology and mobilizing rural communities in agro-industrial efforts centred upon the creation and commercialization of bio-energy products and solar energy.

  • Our Objectives :

A sustainable, for-profit enterprise for West Africa, Agritech will plant 400,000 hectares of Jatropha intercropped with corn, sunflower, and soybean within the next ten years and process the harvests from these fields; which, upon maturity, will produce 1,000 million liters of Jatropha oil each year, or the equivalent of 17,200 barrels per day of biodiesel.

Biodiesel from Jatropha will lessen the dependence on imported petroleum for energy needs and help mitigate climate change.  It will also provide direct employment for thousands of West Africans and increase the standard of living of their families and communities.

Jatropha is a cash crop for farmers; processed and converted into biodiesel and electricity, it is equally a source of affordable energy for consumers, which enables a multitude of tasks – from pumping water, to recharging a cell phone, operating a medical clinic, or studying after the sun goes down.

In addition, Agritech’s solar power systems will provide efficient, cost-effective lighting and modern irrigation solutions to thousands of families in rural communities not connected to the power grid.

  • Areas of Activity :

Agritech is a unique company. Working on the ground with farmers and rural communities in Burkina Faso and Benin; Agritech has what that it takes to succeed.

In addition to its founders’ decade long experience, Agritech has valuable contacts around the world to provide support and apply innovative ideas and technology at the field level.

Agritech is currently implementing a business plan that rests on three pillars: