Small Portable Charger $100 / 50 000 CFA

This kit consists of a small mobile converter and a bag containing a small solar panel.


The practical solution to recharge your mobile phone and fixed mobile everywhere day and night.
Intended for all users of mobile phones, fixed phones, walkie talkies, 12V radio etc…. this type of device allows you toachieve energy savings but also to enjoy a convenient portable power supply for your own personal business.
In its black cover, this solar charger is very portable as awell as shock resistant. Use it anytime, anywhere, features a 5Wsolar generator, a cigarette lighter output of 12V, an output of 5V USB adapter and can charge any type of phone (Nokia,Samsun, sony Ericsson etc …..), fixed mobile phone, walkie talkies (emergency department) and even radios12V. It allows you to charge your devices 24/24 anywhere thanks to the autonomy afforded by its battery, and is also equipped with anemergency light that can be used as a bedside lamp or torch.
– Emergency Units
– The gendarmerie and the police
– Field workers of humanitarian NGOs
– Telecenters
– Individuals
– Residents of rural areas