Portable Solar Kit 200W $750 / 375 000 CFA

The portable kit includes 4 solar panels 12Wp each, with an integrated converter and output power of 200W

Our kits are specially designed portable generators as a source of autonomous electricity. It consists of one or more foldable solar panels and a portable power supply capable of multiple functions and several output options (output: 220V AC, 12V DC, 5V DC USB). These kits are easy to use, easy to carry, and you can power and charge your electrical equipment at home or in the field. Different models range in power from 200W to 500W and can be adjusted by additional batteries or solar panels. The one pictured is 200W. It can be used to maintain a constant source of electricity or once fully charged after 12hrs can hold a 2 hour charge.

Note: 12 Units currently available

Composition of System:
– A module of 200 to 500W
– Solar Batteries
– An inverter and controller

Potential Uses:
– Mobile medical teams
– Humanitarian Teams in remote areas
– Police and security teams assigned to road safety
– All those who want comfort during their trip to a country’s interior

Possibility of several kits:
– Mobility
– Quick and easy deployment
– Possibility of electrical charge during long trips

When fully packed into the case, it is 37cm long, 30cm tall, and 24cm Wide