Processing of Agro Resources

In the absence of a significant manufacturing sector, Agritech’s strategy includes forward integration into the production of bio-diesel in order to determine and optimize the values created in the plantations.

Agritech has designed its own Jatropha processing plant built on exclusive extraction technology to process Jatropha into biodiesel.  The processing steps include:

  • Material Preparation
  • Drying and Cooking
  • Expelling
  • Screening and Filtration

Agritech’s technical capabilities ensure that the production process is managed professionally and competently,  providing additional profitable value-added by-products such as cakes (used as biofertilizer and animal feed), bio-pesticide and refined glycerin. The latter is often neglected by projects concerned only with biodiesel production.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Agritech will implement the best waste management practices at its plantations and its processing facilities.

Agritech is also experimenting with alternative oil extraction methodologies, including the use of hexane, which could improve oil yields.

Partnerships with local oil distributors help ensure a seamless supply chain process – end products from the factories will be delivered to users within the shortest achievable time. In order to align interests, distributors have been given the opportunity to invest in the plants.