1Ha Kit

-500W Solar pump Set/ DC 48V System (1): $7,200/ 3,600,000CFA
– PVC Flexible Drip Pipe (8 rolls): $2000/ 1,000,000CFA
-2000L Water Storage Polytank (1): $562/ 281,000CFA
Total: $9,762/ 4,881,000CFA
This kit is ideal for the irrigation of trees, crops, and/or vegetables on an area of one hectare of irrigable land. This kit includes a 500W complete solar pump system comprised of: 2 CBM/H at 10 meter deep, the controller, 700 W of solar panels with stainless stands, 2 stainless cables 30m, height adjustment systems, water level sensors, pipes, fittings and accessories. Also included are 8 rolls of flexible drip pipe with all the necessary components, and a 2000L water storage polytank. This is a complete and self-sufficient system that relies on the sun to operate and thus negates the need for an outside power source to fuel the irrigation. It is also the same system used on Agritech’s own plantations.