Agritech CDM Services

Project Development Services

– Identification of potential carbon credit opportunities and projects.
– Development of Project Idea Note (PIN). This is a document providing general indicative information regarding the project; its size, its location, type, anticipated GHG reduction, potential lifetime of project, recommended price of CER, financial structuring, as well as other social or environmental effects.
– Creation of Project Design Document (PDD). A document necessary for validation and registration of a CDM project.
– Follow up procedures with Designated National Authority (DNA). This is the body granted responsibility to authorize and approve participation in CDM projects.
– Determination of baseline. This is the scenario that represents the emissions of GHG that would occur without the proposed CDM project.
– Evaluation of additionality argument. This is the requirement that the GHG emissions after the project will be lower than that which would have occurred in an alternative scenario without the project.
– Facilitation of local approvals, regulatory compliance and other documentation.
– Assistance in the coordination with international organizations on CDM building.

Validation and Approval

– Development of methodology. Both for determining a baseline and for monitoring actual emission reductions.
– Validation of projects by an authorized validator in order to determine a product’s eligibility for registration as a CDM project.
– Assistance in host country approval.
– Registration.
– Assistance in verification process, ultimately leading to carbon credits.

Certified Emission Reduction (CER) Services

– Assistance in structuring of finance for the development of CDM projects.
– Raising debt/equity against carbon offsets.
– Brokerage (finding a buyer and facilitating the carbon transaction process).
– General assistance to the client during the length of the CDM project.