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kwendeWilliam KWENDE, an African entrepreneur and developer. William got educated in Dakar, Paris and Washington DC where he graduated with a degree in computer engineering at George Washington University and a DEFL from Georgetown University. William is a former UN Official with the IOM agency. He was first posted in Dakar Senegal covering West and Central Africa then in Manilla, Philippines for 8 years where he covered several countries of south-east Asia. His experience in development work has helped him formalised AGRITECH’s initial concept featuring a mix of profit making and sustainable development notions. Agritech develops eco development clusters supporting rural farmers in 4 west african countries covering over 200 000 Ha and 15 000 rural families. It also provides agro models, access to energy, eduction in rural areas as well as commodities consolidation bridging the rural and world markets. In 2010 William created Burkina Golden oils to produce Shea butter and consolidate Agritech’s activities in Shea focused in empowering rural women . Burkina Golden oils will provide a sustainable revenue to 30 000 women by 2014. William was a speaker at the UNFCCC conference on sustainable development in Durban , the Asia Africa summit in Lome organized by the West African Development bank and the African Leaders Summit in Lagos . He was Invited to the RIO + 20 conference where Agritech was recognized for its commitment to the UN lead Sustainable Energy for All initiative coordinated by the Secretariat General in New York. William is the Vice President of the Bagre investor Network , the leading agro development of Burkina Faso a strategic project covering a 500 000 Ha area where 50 000 Ha of irrigated land by a 50 KM man made canal is already available to rural and industrial farmers. Bagre is the largest water body of Burkina with 1,7 billion cubic meters of renewable water and a hydro electric dam of 16 Mgw. William enjoys extensive relations at senior levels of politics and business throughout West Africa, from his family relations and his own endeavour. William is descended from the Royal Family of Benin.