Research and Development

Jatropha (including seeds, shells, hulls and other biomass) can be used not only as a source of transport fuel but also as a feedstock for the generation of electric power.

The World Bank noted in its July 26, 2007 press release that only “18.5% of
Burkina Faso’s population has access to electricity… roughly 90% are dependent on wood energy (firewood and charcoal)… and there are also environmental and health consequences associated with heavy reliance on wood energy.”

Agritech’s efforts to supply electric power sourced from locally cultivated and converted agricultural production could also have strong positive impact on deforestation, and help to minimize the other negative impacts arising from the present reliance on wood-based fuel.

Having acquired plant factory sites close to the national grid and close to major roads for logistics purposes, Agritech could generate close to 100MW of excess electric power to sell to the grid as the project goes into full effect.

Agritech is also in the midst of expanding its activities into the neighbouring country of Benin, at the request of and with the full support of the Beninese Government.

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