Everyone deserves access to sustainable energy to make their lives better and the variety of solar energy kits that Agritech carries reflect this. They range in power and size so that just about any need or budget can be covered. Ranging from a recreationist who needs a small portable kit to the small office or business owner who wants to be independent from the power company. For specific questions regarding your needs and what kit is right for you, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Emergency Services: Often times called or posted to remote locations, the men and women of emergency services require constant sources of energy to power equipment that are not always available. The police, fire department, search and rescue, and emergency medical technicians could all stand to benefit from the use of portable to be kept in the vehicle or large kits to power a rural office which can mean the difference between life and death.

Humanitarian and Medical Groups: Humanitarian groups both governmental and non-governmental can sometimes operate in far off locations in order to assist those that need it the most. An easily accessible energy source can ensure communication and comfort for those they seek to help. Our portable kits can be carried easily anywhere and some of the larger kits we have can be used to operate and maintain field offices in rural locations.

Students: Students in isolated and rural locations are some of those in the greatest need of accessible sustainable energy. In many cases, rural students are forced to study by the light of a kerosene lamp, inhaling toxic fumes and risking an outbreak of fire. Not to mention the constant cost of kerosene. The use of one of Agritech’s kits under the One Student, One Lamp initiative, can provide a solution to their energy needs by providing safe, affordable, and efficient light so that study when the sun goes down is made possible. Education is the path to development and this requires sustainable energy.

Small Business and Office Owners: Small business owners operating away from the power grid through the use solar energy can now remain open until later hours. Thereby increasing income and productivity. They are also good solutions to save money, either by alleviating power expenses or eliminating them altogether. Several of our kits could be adequate for this role depending on how much power the business or office requires.

Recreationist: Many hobbyist and wilderness enthusiasts simply desire a portable energy source to power or recharge equipment that heightens their experience off the beaten path. For them, we recommend the smallest portable kit to maintain or recharge whatever they require.

Maintenance Crews: Teams working on repairing and maintain roads and other infrastructure away from the main cities and towns often have need for a power source to keep their equipment as well as communication capabilities functioning. Our smallest kits are great to keep in the car for emergencies, or our larger but still portable kit is adequate for powering equipment on site.

Home Owners: Home owners both in rural communities and those in urban communities can benefit from the use of solar energy. For those in rural communities away from the power grid, it can allow them to fully power their homes and enjoy basic needs such as lighting. For those in more urban locals, it can cut or eliminate power bills altogether. There are several kits that could be adequate, however it depends on the size of the home in question.