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– Agritech Benin – Country Team –

    • Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) – William Kwende
    • Managing Director – Nelly Kwende Mensah
    • Deputy Director General / Administrative and Financial Director – Felicien Y. Hossou

Mr. Hossou was born in Porto-Novo and pursued his graduate and post graduate studies in Management, Financial Control and Accounts Auditing.

Before joining the Agritech team, Mr. Hossou worked with some of the largest companies incorporated in Benin, including Fludor Benin, where he served as the Internal Auditor and Chief Financial & Fiscal Officer. He was also been the Managing Director of the firm LAVERTE.

As one of the senior officers of these large companies, Mr. Hossou’s main duties included: management and implementation of companies’ main objectives and missions, coordination of activities, inspection and assessment of the best accounting practices, financial and operational control, and development of work effectiveness.

Mr. Hossou has been with Agritech Benin since February and is now working for the execution of the company’s development strategies that will surely lead to the attainment of its main goals. He has been entrusted with the position of Deputy General Manager and is also concomitantly ensuring the overall financial management of the company.

      • Logistics & Transportation Consultant – Ostin Hounkoko

After completing his secondary school, Ostin studied transit and logistics. Mr. Ostin has obtained much experience, especially with the Goods Control Company named BIVAC International, where he served as goods inspector for over 10 years. He now serves as the Logistics Manager of Agritech Benin.

o Hubert Zounmènou manages the accounting of the sites of Dassa – Tchaourou, Savalou and Adjohoun

o Colecte Yevidé – Head of Acquisitions & Small Equipments

o Claude Ngoubili- responsible for Equipments and Tools Management

o Romuald Agbanou -Translator

      • Plantation Development – Olivier Bado

 After graduating from the Municipal High School of Banfora, Oliver furthered his studies at the Institute of Rural Development and the Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso, where he graduated with a major  in Design Engineering of Rural Development with a specialization in Forestry. Prior to joining Agritech, Olivier served for years in the forest products sector of Burkina Faso. He also carried out many study trips in forestry and forest measurement.