Commodities Trading

Agritech delivers the best quality commodities to your warehouse or factory

Agritech works with farmers and cooperatives to provide the best quality of commodities for international trading market.

Our network of local farmers allows us to provide a broad spectrum of crops.

We mainly focus on :

  • Farming Technologies;
  • Harvesting Techniques;
  • Sorting and Packaging;
  • Quality Storage;
  • Quality control and tracking.


Below you will find an overview of crops we deliver worldwide:

Cotton (fiber, oil & seeds), Shea Nuts (kernel & butter), Cashew Nuts, Sunflower, Sesame Seeds, Castor beans, Cassava, Hibiscus, Cowpea, Coco Beans, Coffee & Cocoa.

Agritech Group also grows commodities on demand, please see our interactive map.

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