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Our Kits

Solar Irrigation Pumps

Solar irrigation pumps represent the best option for landowners to ensure that the crops planted by their own hard work are sure to yield maximum productivity. Farms and plantations located off the power grid or in countries in which electricity shortage is a concern, stand the most to gain from this technology. This is especially evident in Africa, where electricity shortage is readily apparent. They are cost effective options to saving on electricity bills, easily installed, and easily maintained. Agritech uses these same pumps and stands behind their functionality and practicality.

Why use solar?

-Self reliant. If the power goes out, your pumps will continue to function.

-Environmentally responsible. Rather than the use of fossil fuels to power generators and pumps, solar pumps produce no GHG emissions. You will never have to worry about a gas pump polluting the air or groundwater.

-Cost-effective. They require very little maintenance, install easily, and have a long life. They can help to reduce electricity costs as well as water costs.

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is an irrigation method which saves fertilizer and water by allowing it to slowly drip water onto the roots of the plant via the soil surface or straight to the root zone. is by far the best option in irrigation for small and large farming projects in the semi-arid land of the sahel. Water is a valuable commodity in this region and drip irrigation ensures that it is delivered to where it needs to be, efficiently and without waste. It is easy to install and simple to maintain.

Why Drip Irrigation?

-Minimized water and nutrient loss

-Leveling of the field is unnecessary

-minimal weed growth

-minimal soil erosion

-safe water recycling

-uniform water distribution

-reduced labor costs

-reduced energy costs

Please not that all prices listed do not include installation, which varies with the scope of the project. Larger irrigation projects are possible but will require consultation to assess the needs and correct equipment required. Agritech can also handle the needs of smaller irrigation projects. Agritech is available for any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the project.